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    I have an idea for your company. It would be great if retired military personnel could send you their uniforms to have purses made personally for their spouse, girlfriend, mom, etc.

    Also, for the fallen Warrior whose family member would like to have a purse made out of his or her uniform.

    I watched your presentation on "Shark Tank" and I think your company could benefit us all by displaying your product to carry on the legacy of our great and awesome military personnel, their families and our country! God Bless you and your company!!

    Denise O'Leary

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    diab (wolf) zahalan

    hello to whom it may concern I have seen you ppl on shark tank lol here is my concern are you willing to make bags for mens, and I hope you all do so pls save us all from diab SO BE IT

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    Linda Self
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    I just received my Otto purse. I could not be more proud to own this purse. I truly feel humbled and almost cried when it arrived. It is beautiful and the whole concept of your company is awesome. I saw you on Shark Tank and when my husband asked me what I would like for my birthday, I told him a Rosie riveter purse! I appreciate all you face as military wives. Thank you for your service.

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    When I watched you on Shark Tank I knew I had to purchase your products! I received and gifted your khaki Dopp Kitt Toiletry bag to a dear friend serving in Afghanistan... He was not only thrilled with the quality of the gift, but the conecpt of your company. As He and I are both in Government Service we are both very conscious of Military/Troop Support. Thank you for your service!!! All the best for continued success! Ilene

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    Peggy Hambrecht

    I saw you on Shark Tank also! AWESOME!!! My Dad was in the ARMY. Had family in the Navy also --- ex-F-I-L was in Hawaii when it was bombed. B-I-L served in Vietnam in Navy! Very Proud of all them and nephews serving also. I was personally thrilled for the role you found for the Spouses at home and being a member of American Sewing Guild that you utilize their skills and the materials tying in history! I will be getting something from you at some point in time. Take care. God Bless!!! Awesome idea! Awesome job done by all! God Bless You and God Bless America!!! xo... Peg Hambrecht

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    Ron Shaiko

    Let me echo an earlier comment--where is the line of products for men? I would definitely buy a computer bag.

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    Mike Cunliffe

    Wish you made men`s wallets. If you ever do or if you do and I missed it, let me know.

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