Can I return my handbag to R. Riveter for a refund?

Sometimes you get a bag that just doesn’t quite fit your idea of what you wanted. No problem it happens! If you decided this in not the perfect bag for you, R. Riveter would love the chance to try again. Please return the bag to R. Riveter within 30 days and you will receive a full refund, minus the shipping fee. Full refunds will be given on Signature + Limited Edition items as long as it was returned within 30 days of original ship date. Exchanges will be allowed only if requested within 30 days of original ship date.

Any exchange or repair will not be accepted without the return authorization form and will be returned to the customer.

In order for a return or exchange to take place the item must be in good condition with tags still attached.

Customer is responsible for all freight charges. Shipping and handling is non-refundable.

***Gift Cards are Non-refundable & non-returnable

After 30 days, items may be returned for manufacturing repair.

 You can start the return process by submitting a request in our customer help center and receiving the proper paperwork to ship back with your bag.



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    I've tried - I've waited 6 months (2 different orders) to get the right bag for me and its just not the right fit. I normally would not spend more than $200 for a bag - that's always been my limit - but I love the whole story behind this company. However, I need to return my bag I just received - order #RRW9940. Please send me the proper form to return it.

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