Why is there a spot/imperfection on my new bag?

Each R. Riveter bag is truly one of a kind—no two will be exactly alike. The canvas that we use was once used by a soldier as a tent; we up-cycle the material by hand cutting, dying, pressing and eventually sewing into our purses. We also use other items that were used in in the military, such as, blankets and uniforms. As we are using recycled materials, each R. Riveter product comes out a little differently because the previous use the material has seen.  We have a strict guideline for assessing what materials can be made into bags, We try to embrace the character and individuality of the materials while still maintaining consistency in our products.

Ware Spots/Imperfections- There are frequently ware spots on uniforms, blankets and canvas.  If the ware spot can’t be seen through we do keep them in production as we really do feel it adds to the individualism character of each bag.  We also never put an “imperfection” on the main part of the bag; we always place these on a pocket where there is two layers of material.  If an imperfection is bothering you for aesthetic reasons, then you can certainly return the bag and we will send out a replacement.  Customers should know upfront that when custom bags need to be redone, we try to put them first in manufacturing but note that it could take our normal custom bag manufacturing time of 4-6 weeks.

Hand Dying/coloring- Actual colors may differ from handbag to handbag.  Since the Military contracted different suppliers to manufacture the items that are now part of your handbag there are slight differences in material coloring.  Every item is hand dyed, therefore come out a little different each time.  We try to create a product as consistent as possible, but please consider that there will be variances from product to product. Seam directions or individual markings (e.g. us stamp mark, etc.) are also going to differ across our handbag line. 

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