Does R. Riveter offer a warranty on my new bag?

At R. Riveter we pride ourselves on quality American Handmade Handbags and Accessories. R. Riveter Handbags and accessories are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.  Below are some guidelines of our guarantee.

Please note: Due to the nature of the Limited-Edition materials. We are unable to offer warranty repairs on the upcycled military materials portion of the handbag.

What is covered under our R. Riveter Product Warranty?

Failure of Materials & Production on R. Riveter Handbags and Accessories.

What is not covered under our R. Riveter Product Warranty?

General Wear and Tear

Rips or Punctures

Damage caused by improper use, overuse, alterations of the item

What is the ‘lifetime’ of our products?

Lifetime can vary person to person depending on one’s use and care for their R. Riveter item.

Customer is responsible for shipment to warehouse. Upon arrival our Repair team will determine whether your item is covered under warranty or will require a fee to repair/replace damaged parts. Someone from our team will be in touch if your item is not able to be repaired.

Improper packaging when shipping, resulting in additional damage to the item will void the Warranty.

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